Measure Social Outcomes.

Promises made, promises kept

We work tirelessly to bring meaning, engagement and the discipline of measurement and reporting to CSR, sustainability and employee volunteering. In order to deliver crisp real-time insights and powerful stories from your data, we work with your partners and employees to set ambitious targets and achieve them. Our corporate risk management process modules guarantee program success for every dollar spent by you, delivering the greatest impact possible.

Total Transparency

Your transparency is our business. We automate processes, collect and review your data and ensure granularity of reporting. We also integrate with open reporting platforms.

360˚ Measurement

Use one platform to measure total sustainability for your organization from your carbon footprint to your community impact to your grant making & volunteering hours.

Experiential Engagement

Create, curate and facilitate immersive experiences of doing good and giving back for your employees, customers, investors, students & partners, at no additional cost.

We’re local, everywhere

Regardless of your location, industry, or thematic areas of impact chosen by you, we will help you measure the impact of your sustainability initiatives across:





Your CSR programs

Your Community Initiatives

Your Employee Engagement

Your Climate Commitments





Your Carbon Footprint

Site Process Sustainability

Your Supply Chain

Your Innovation Ecosystem





2 Mn+


> 95%


CSR Lifecycle Management

Grant Management

Due Diligence & Compliance Checks

Finance & Budget Tracking

Monitoring and Evaluation

Baseline, Midline & Endline Surveys

Impact Measurement

Compliance to Section 135 of The Companies Act, 2013

Our Ecosystem of Partners


Government Agencies

From citizen engagement to hardcore sustainability measurement, we are the partner of choice for global governments for reporting on CSR, Impact and SDGs.

Large Corporates

We work with our corporate partners to maximise their sustainability footprint and contextualise their impact against global, local and industry benchmarks.

Corporate Foundations

We help corporate foundations to manage the grants received and disbursed by them while delivering insights on localised best practices and thematic areas.

Multilateral Institutions

We work with multilateral institutions to democratise the data resulting from impact assessment of corporate and government giving, thereby contributing to the advancement of the entire ecosystem.

Non-Profit Orgs.

The SHR platform is offered completely free of cost to non-profit users and can be used to access our vast donor base for corporate and individual giving along with ongoing program impact data.


Whether you're the employee of one of our corporate partners or a good samaritan, we make your do-good journey fun and enriching by showing your contribution to SDGs and impact.

Benefits of Working with SHR:

Audit - Readiness

100% compliance to evolving local, national and global requirements, customised by program, location and industry.

Real - Time Monitoring

Real-time updates and remote monitoring of geographically dispersed programs. Single click, platform wide data updates.

360˚ Sustainability

Aggregate impact across your business sustainability, CSR and employee engagement initiatives. Drilldown to source for granularity.

Continuous Improvement

Insights on best practices based on intelligent evaluation of your programs available on-click for no additional cost. Continue to evolve, always.

Grant Productivity

End to end grant management and productivity assessments from commitment of funds to disbursal and finally utilization.

Complete Automation

Logic rules, intelligent automation and total integration across internal, partner and employee modules provides 100% accurate data at all times.