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Sector 1, New Panvel, Mumbai 401206 (INDIA)

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Summit Avenue, Jersey City - 07306 (U.S.A)



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In 2016, we started imagining a world where 'good' is valued and rewarded. Based on this lofty mission of making the world a better place, powered by human kindness, we started looking for our answers in data and technology. At the SuperHumanRace, we take pride in using creativity and data to solve for intersections. In working out these solutions, we discover the engineers, the architects and the authors that live and breathe deep inside the colorful fabric of society. We automate social purpose for organizations and deliver impact related insights to all of our users. At the core of the SuperHumanRace is the belief that while good work is important and aspiring to make an impact is necessary, it cannot be sustainable unless it is also fun!

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