Measure 'Good'

Welcome to the world's most advanced platform for measuring 'good' across business, community, and citizen impact. From AI / ML suggestions on how to measure good, to automated dashboards and reports, let your data inform your strategy 'automagically' with SuperHuman Race.

Employee impact
Employee Impact

Measure Employee 'DoGood' based on volunteering & the impact generated from sustainable lifestyle choices

Decarbonise / LEARN MORE
Business Sustainability

Use the SHR Data Platform to generate actionable insights from your Environmental, Social, Governance & Business Data!

Automate your CSR
CSR Impact

Manage CSR programs & grants, automate reporting and generate automated SRoI & Equity insights with corporates in 20+ countries.

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Million sq. ft. of Premium Residential Real Estate.
Million sq.ft. of Class A Commercial Real Estate.
Industries Automated for Sustainability Reporting.
trusted by some of the most iconic global brands

Is there an ROI for using tech. to measure impact?

If you think the only Return on Investment (ROI) that tech. for Sustainability offers is reduced time & effort, you're NOT using the right tech. platform. Use SuperHuman Race to drive ROI from tech. in the form of business outcomes.
Green Premium

Get granular insights about product level emissions, share performance with clients and command a green premium.

Cost Optimisation

Our clients have reduced costs using insights from the platform including transportation, wastage, pilferage and design optimisation.

Payback Period

Get automated investment advisory for sustainability. Get predictions for capex, opex & payback period & track continuously.

Access to Capital

Streamline investor comms. & access capital at a reduced cost. Generate investor reports in custom formats in seconds!

Risk Mitigation

Identify & mitigate risks across operations, finance, sustainability & value chain. 100% reputation insurance!

Customer Connect

Keep your customers apprised of your sustainability journey. Share highlights, data stories and achievements on-the-go!

Plug & Play Sustainability Data Automation

On-the-go insights

Seamlessly sync data across users, devices, locations, assets, indicators and reporting frameworks in real-time.

1-click no-code custom simulations

Itching to correlate sustainability indicators with profitability or stock-price trends? Run custom simulations for deep analysis.

Get answers at the speed of need!

The SHR platform can analyse millions of datapoints in a few seconds to deliver top insights to leaders in real-time!
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