Why SuperHuman Race?

We are passionate about making the world a sustainable place with good data & corporate action. You will love co-creating with our team of scientists, artists, mathematicians, engineers & architects.
Deep Sustainability & Data Expertise

Our teams include researchers, scientists and experts from Aerospace, Real Estate, Technology, Sustainability and Impact Consulting, Cybersecurity & Manufacturing.

Massive Training Datasets for our Models

The SHR platform is not just a data capture & visualisation tool, it is a reliable partner in your sustainability journey offering insights based on millions of data points.

Integrated Value Chain Experience

Scope 3 accounting and value chain engagement on sustainability is now a toggle switch on SHR. Minimum 400 value chain partners onboarded in days per client.

Direct Engagement with C-Suite & Boards

Our revolutionary data points convert millions of datapoints into sofisticated dashboards with actionable insights for C-Suite Leaders & Board Members.

Validated solution across 15+ Industries

SHR is driving decarbonisation, equity & good governance across sectors from Buildings & Infra to Transport & Pharma, from Mining & Steel to Cement & BFSI.

Lightning fast adapative intelligence

The SHR platform is serving users in 133 languages & 31 countries. Our experiential models adapt rapidly to assist users with information or analysis at the speed of need!

Sustainable Buildings

Use the SuperHuman Race platform to design, build & operate sustainable buildings based on more than 100 million data points from half a billion square feet of development and operational real estate assets.
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