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Generate actionable insights by juxtaposing business data alongside Environmental, Social & Governance Impact!
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Measure 'good' & get insights alongside 1000+ organisations & more than half a million individuals from 30+ countries.

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Powerful Data Models @SHR

The SHR platform represents a new paradigm, transforming how companies achieve excellence & leadership at the intersection of business & impact.
Automated Reporting

Automate your national, global, investor, disclosure or custom reports including CSRD, BRSR Core, GRI, DJSI, SASB etc.

Dashboards & Analytics

Still using PowerBi or Tableau for dashboards? Get AI enabled visualisations that can turn data points to turning points!

Data Capture

Data in silos or spread across systems, formats & functions? Achieve >95% data coverage with SHRCapture.

Value Chain Transparency

Track emissions through product lifecycle & procure sustainably with 1-click upstream & downstream integration.

Continuous Benchmarking

Stay on-top by benchmarking to identify lighthouses within your portfolio and gauge performance against your comp-set.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage your citizens, employees, partners, & customers in your sustainability journey with gamification & data storytelling.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
William Shakespeare (Troilus and Cressida)
Lower transportation costs for purchased goods.
Shorter payback period for sustainability investments.
Data capture is automated with system connectors

1-click operations data from worker benefits to emissions.

Get insights from Financial data, Environmental Data like Emissions, energy, water, waste, Social data including safety, worker footprint, wages, human rights, pay parity, and more. Detailed, intuitive & fast!

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