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Follow a guided journey to high quality impact stories

Whether you have decades of experience or you're just starting out in CSR, the SuperHuman Race platform will offer insights & intelligent suggestions throughout your journey. It will provide guidance on:

Project, theme & location specific KPIs
Import curated indicator sets for 40+ categories of 'good'
Real-time insights & project health
Midcourse correction & performance vs. baseline or targets
Contextual SDG Impact dashboards
Automated benchmarking for SDG criteria is built-in

Reduce administrative burden on teams & partners by > 65%

Hundreds of intelligent automations help CSR teams measure impact continuously while reducing administrative burden significantly. Data from qualitative & quantitative modules merges to provide insights.

Predict cashflow & maximise SROI seamlessly
Conditional disbursal & deep financial analysis of impact.
Autopopulate trends from beneficiary data
Import or add beneficiary data offline. Identify duplicates.
Fully automated custom & compliance reports
Never build another report manually. 1-click download.

Steps to Automate CSR

We are engineers & architects, climate & data scientists, artists & communicators. But, above all else, we are the builders of SuperHuman Race.
"Collecting data from hundreds of partners was a big challenge for us before we started using the SuperHuman Race platform. We would get data in several different formats throughout the year."

Set up your account in minutes. Our proprietary machine interface will take you through the entire set-up journey from bulk importing projects and financial data to mapping entities and partners. Custom workflows and due diligence rules can be built on top of platform suggestions to automate a good governance structure for program implementation. Automated formatting sync to organise data from different sources.

"It was impossible for us to ascertain program impact until after the program ended. Even then the results would vary based on the methodology chosen by the impact consultant & benchmarking was not possible."

The entire SuperHuman Race platform connect through our Automations suite. From beneficiary data to fund utilisation, from qualitative feedback to quantitative outputs, all your data, millions of data points, can be connected through automations which calculate impact across your programs. Internal benchmarking and alignment with UN SDGs is built-in and fully automated. 100% of your data is auditable and can be connected with custom workflows.

"Our teams would spend hours, in some cases days, before board meetings, preparing slide decks with charts. Despite reconciling the data manually multiple times, there was very little confidence in the data."

Say goodbye to manual powerpoints for board meetings. The SuperHuman Race platform comes preloaded with suggestions for beautiful dashboards that are rich with contextual information and always updated in real-time. Infinite on-demand customisations based on your specific programs are possible. Each dashboard transforms into >100 dashboards with filters for themes, partners, projects, entities etc. You can also give access to C-Suite & Board Members directly.

"Reporting was nightmare for us due to the volume and nature of our CSR programs. Each partner submitted 4-12 reports a year and all reports varied slightly. We were unable to go beyond anecdotal storytelling."

Auto-magic reports on SuperHuman Race ease administrative burden across the value chain significantly. Partner performance reports as well as compliance and custom reports are 100% auto-generated, tamper proof and auditable. Due to the single source of truth approach that is applied across the platform, all your data will always be perfectly in-sync. Monitoring insights provide mid-course correction guidance and highlight lighthouses and best practices.


Intelligent auto-setup. Bulk add projects, connect teams, partners, entities and customise workflows. Customise due diligence rules for proposals & change on-the-go.


Set up AI / ML enabled automations to calculate impact parameters like SRoI, Pay Parity, Contribution to GDP, Urban Green Space Index, GHG Emissions Avoided etc.


Advanced visualisations organise millions of data points to provide automated internal benchmarking insights & alignment with UN SDGs. Real-time updates & access filters.


System enabled monitoring with geo-location tracking, automated flags & notifications and evidence based health frameworks. Generate custom & compliance reports.

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