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Sustainability reporting is evolving every day. Countries are mandating new reporting requirements, investors are demanding data driven disclosures and customers are looking for product level emissions to incorporate within their own value chain. Both ESG & CSR reporting are in focus and putting companies at risk of financial penalties in the absence of intelligent automation and audit-ready frameworks.

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"The SHR team is responsive and the platform evolves to meet our needs. Today, the platform helps us visualize the impact data as per UN SDGs  and various other themes, viz. gender, location, project etc, utilising various AI-enabled rules and formulae."

Aradhana Dubey
AVP HR & CSR, Luminous Power Technologies (A Schneider Electric Company)

"I was part of one of the first teams to use the SuperHuman Race platform in my previous company. Since then, I have been pitched and have used many other platforms. To me it is clear that the SHR platform is the best ESG platform on the market."

Ayashkanta Rout
ESG & CSR Lead, Oberoi Realty Limited (An MCAP 150 Company)

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SuperHuman Race clients in 30+ countries spend less than 2 hours per month on reporting. With a broad suite of automations, data from systems, partners and teams merges to generate formatted, editable, downloadable reports in seconds.
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popular reporting FRAMEWORKS & DISCLOSURE requirements for our clients:

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Revolutionize your reporting process with our cutting-edge automation solutions. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency, accuracy, and insights. Streamline your workflows, minimize errors, and unlock valuable time for strategic decision-making. Experience the power of automated reporting and propel your business into the future.

Sync data from systems, partners & teams & use hundreds of pre-loaded automations to get standard reports instantly. Connect account wide data for custom formats.

Pre-loaded Templates

All standard reports are available to plug and play as pre-configured templates with ML suggestions for your industry and predictive scores for your preparedness.

Variance Flagging

Never report inaccurate data. Our AI models are constantly scanning your data to flag errors and variance gaps that require your attention. Along with insights to optimise.

Stay Updated

Set up email notifications to stay updated on reporting progress across a broad range of frameworks, due at different times. Set rules for escalation to prevent delayed reporting.


Most of our clients work with Big4 Auditors who have direct Auditor Access to the platform. Auditors find SHR generated data to be 100% complete & >98% accurate.

Beyond Reporting

Get past static reporting to a paradigm where you are able to benchmark against your peers, in real-time moving the industry and the world forward, with your data.

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