Art For Good




These are unprecedented times and require superhuman effort from all corners of society for us to overcome this crisis. In a revolutionary new wave, artists from around the country have decided to contribute their artwork to help in this fight against COVID-19.

As you become the proud owner of artwork that you can display at home or donate further to a hospital, school, children's home or senior living center, the money spent by you for the artwork will go towards fighting COVID-19.

Whether you're an artist, a donor or just a champion for this cause, join us today and do your bit!




COVID-19 Essential Supplies




Do you have essential supplies that can help others in need? Not only is there an acute shortage of essential supplies like oximeters, thermometers, oxygen cylinders and others, there is also no platform that allows peer to peer exchange of these items on a need basis.

Come forward to either sell your essential supplies at cost or donate them for free while setting a minimum donation for the person who needs them. Your contribution of the asset can help someone who is fighting the virus, while the person who needs the asset will be able to contribute further towards COVID-19.

Let's help each other and help in the fight against COVID-19. Become SuperHuman!








COVID-19 Essential Supplies